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Now you can see the world with new eyes. Just choose the best. In our Centers you will find a wide range of frames and ophthalmic lenses of the best international brands, the perfect combination of style, comfort and quality. Cutting-edge solutions that will meet your expectations. And even more.



The style is aesthetic and research at the same time: our Centers are a reference point for people seeking elegance, functionality and style. Frames for men, women and children, fair and elegant or minimal and essential, original or radical chic: whatever your personality, you will always find the trendy glasses or just classical frame for you. We work in constant contact with the most famous and prestigious international brands, to provide our customers with quality, fashionable and trendy products. Our experts in the Centre are constantly updated on the news and will advise the most suitable frame to the shape of your face, to enhance their uniqueness and strong points.


In the lenses selection we rely always on the leading partner in the international market, such as the Zeiss group, which ensures our products an exemplary service and quality. In our Centers you will always find the support of the best specialists in the sector to find the best solution, whatever your eyes needs.




Thanks to cooperation with prestigious international partners we take care of any requirement.

Widespread, consists in the difficulty in focusing afar. It can occur at any age, even if its appearance is more common in young people.

Physiological reduction in the accommodative capacity  due to aging of the crystalline or the ligament that no longer hold it in the right position, with gradual loss of focalization closely. It begins around age 40 and stabilizes to 60.

Common in children, it consists in the difficulty to focus on close objects, while those further away appear clearly. In theory, the farsighted could see badly even from distance, but the crystal is often able to compensate for this defect.

It may occur at any age and manifests as a distorted and blurred vision, like looking in a curved mirror. The vision is generally good but you squeeze your eyes, you suffer from headaches, tiredness, eye irritation and discomfort.


Depending on the viewing problem and its specific needs there are different types of lenses.

Monofocal lenses 
With a single focal length they are suitable for the correction of a single visual space (afar, nearby or middle position).

Digital lenses
Provide visual relax in proximity, in front of computer screens, smartphones, ... Recently launched on the market, comply with the visual demands of modern life and are particularly suitable for those with 30-40 years or those who, although not yet far-sighted,perceive a need for aid at close range.

Progressive lenses
Correction "two in one": the progressive glasses eliminates with a single lens the inconvenience of double-glasses, from nearby and afar. These lenses provide clear vision at all distances, including the middle position.

In a single lens has correction you both distance and near, thanks to a bezel in the lower part. Their usage is suggested when progressive glasses are not recommended for several reasons.

Basic lenses
Very curved lenses, particularly comply with the wraparound sports frames. The curvature exponentially increases the thickness and are therefore available in diopters not high.


There are several treatments to improve the optical quality and the mechanical strength of the lenses.

Eliminates the annoying "mirror" effect of glossy and transparent surfaces, giving the lens an extreme transparency. There are different types to offer a more relaxed and powerful vision, according to the lifestyle that the person leads.

Used to make the lens more resistant to withstand the daily numerous rigors, dramatically reduces the possibility of so-called "scoring" of the lenses.

Exposed to natural UV rays (not filtered as in the car) lenses darken, reaching in 20 seconds 10-70% of sunscreen. The reaction similarly regresses in case of no irradiation.

Color that varies on the lens surface for a transmission of the different brightness between the top, which blocks much of the solar radiation, and the lower, more transparent.

It's a thin reflective layer that covers the lens, totally or partially. For use in extremely strong light conditions, for example when it’s snowing.


In our consulting Centres you will find all the developped innovations to meet all visual requirements.‚Äč



Provide visual relax in proximity, in front of computer screens, smartphones, etc. Recently launched on the market, comply with the visual demands of modern life and are particularly suitable for those with 30-40 years or those who, although not yet far-sighted, perceive a need for aid at close range.

For clear and shaved vision at close and medium distance (35-40 cm up to 4 meters). The natural position of the head and neck promotes proper posture and general well-being.

Resistant frames, flexible and always adherent to the face. Lenses treated for various outdoor activities and protected from the glare, without forgetting fashion and the look. Here the details of the models.

Ideal glasses to deal with poor visibility conditions, such as driving at night, or in critical lighting conditions such as fog, mist or twilight. During the day increase the ability perception driving with heavily overcast sky and rain (not to be used in case of sun or bright light).

For a more comfortable and shaved closely viewing, they are the ideal glasses for prolonged reading moments.

New frame of light metal with folding lenses, for a flawless makeup. The symmetrical shape allows the make-up of the bottom of the eyes and, reversing the glasses, the eyelid.